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Yellowcard Source #Thirteen Review Series – A Review by Kelly Rose

Underdogs! With Ryan Key’s new EP, Thirteen, coming out this month I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a mini series of reviews for Thirteen from fellow underdogs! If you’d like to write one up for us, send an email to ycsource@yahoo.com (please, serious inquires only). This first review is from Kelly Rose and you can check it out down below:

I was largely unprepared for how much I would love Thirteen.

Ryan Key stating that this would sound very different to Yellowcard was a little scary, as I have loved the Yellowcard sound since I discovered them in 2004. I was apprehensive at first, but Thirteen is absolutely fantastic. It absolutely feels like the beginning of a fantastic follow up to Ryan’s Yellowcard sound. The music, the lyrics, the unmistakable sound of Ryan’s voice. His range: to go from high energy songs such as Lights And Sounds to softer songs such as Old Friends. It’s just incredible.

Of course, we have heard this vocal shift from Ryan before. Yellowcard songs such asOne Year Six Months, Dear Bobbie and his cover of Taylor Swift’s Love Story with Against The Current have proven him to be a chameleon in his industry, while still having a sound that is undeniably and uniquely Ryan. Stand out songs for me; Old Friends, Thirty Days and The Great Unknown are just phenomenal. They are amazing to drive to, wonderful to sing along to, and would not be out of place on the soundtrack of an indie movie.

California is bittersweet. It feels like the final Yellowcard song in a way that I thought I had dealt with listening to Fields & Fences (the last song on Yellowcard’s final, self-titled album.) But instead, perhaps California is the bridge between Ryan Key of Yellowcard and William Ryan Key.

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